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Windows NLM Tool


Ever got stuck trying to figure out why network connection attempts from your corporate network to a non domain-joined server or workstation are refused? And after noticing that your network is shown as "Public" in the Network and Sharing Center wondered even more while looking for ways to change it to "Private"? Finally got at the Set-NetConnectionProfile Powershell cmdlet? Well, it is able to change network category, but what about changing the network's name? May be have found blogs like these two:
to discover some cryptic ways to invoke the Network List Manager API from Powershell?

Well, Windows NLM Tool does exactly that but provides a much more easy to use command line interface - you don't need to even touch Powershell.


Утилита для настройки профилей сетевых подключений, обладающая более широкими возможностями, чем командлет Set-NetConnectionProfile. Например, может задавать новое имя профиля, а не только категорию.

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